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The Constellation – October 2018
Published by Laurie Pender on October 1, 2018

The Constellation NewsletterOctober 2018
Volume 11, Issue 2

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort


Ferguson-Easley Elementary School Media Center Information
Beverly McClellan, Media Coordinator

In this time of technology, our students want to hold their books in their hands AND they also like to hold their keyboard, mouse, and IPAD in their hands too. 

NCWiseOwl has been providing online resources for our students for decades.  The databases that NCWiseOwl provides are  reliable and appropriate for use in K-12 schools.  For instructional use, this online subscription resource provides access to encyclopedias, articles from thousands of periodicals, and various other reference sources.  Be sure to visit:  See the media coordinator for the NCWiseOwl password.Graphic of NCWiseOwl
Another resource for our students are called Electronic Books (EBOOKS).  These are the books that inspire our students to connect to information through digital technology.
Let us encourage our students to read our EBOOKS by going to the FEES Destiny Online Catalog ( and narrowing your search to the material type designated for Electronic Books.
If your EBOOK requires a username and password, use one of the following to gain access.
User Name: fees     Password: 123
User Name: fees     Password: fees
Several of our EBOOKS are from the CAPSTONE collection.  For access: From the FEES Destiny Online Catalog first, click on the ebook title, then click on the “Read the Capstone Interactive eBook Now!”

Just follow the above directions and read as many electronic books as you can.  Be a great digital citizen and encourage others to be also.

In September the Reference and Easy Sections were redesigned. In October the Fiction and Nonfiction Sections of the Media Center will be redesigned.

Reference and Easy Sections




There was plenty of information on SMART Street encouraging readers to read.

Bulletin board on Smart Street with various information












ALL-STAR  Collaborations:

  • With the FEES Media Advisory Committee:  Huggins, Gibbs,  Agor, Melvin & Meece.  
  • With Rhonda Florence, North Carolina Association of Educators/Student Services Division.
  • With Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership.
  • With Pamela Story, Cumberland County Schools.
  • With CCS resource personnel for maintenance and technology.
  • With Cumberland County Schools central services personnel. 
  • With  Carless-Black, Harris,  Chalmers, Rankin-Brown, Morris, Shuler-Scott, Milsap, Brown, Senegar, Brown-Thompson, Hayslett, B. Davis, Gibbs, Leslie, Tipton, Hayes, McRae, Meece, Nunez, Payton, Young, Chapman, Denson, Murphey, Lewis, Linton, Wood, Patrick, L. Melvin, D. Washington, Cox, Huggins, Rivera, R. Washington, Black, Hilliard, Agor, R. Davis, McRae, Burse, Canaday, Brown, Walker, Hales, and McDowell.
  • With FEES employees concerning the Fixed Assets and resources needed.
  • With P. Hosmer from Cumberland County Public Library and Information Center.
  • With Cumberland County Schools media coordinators.
  • With Laurie Pender & Bobbi-Jo Pova on the FEES Webpage.