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The Constellation – November 2018
Published by Beverly McClellan on November 1, 2018

November 2018
Volume 11, Issue 3

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort


Ferguson-Easley Elementary School Media Center Information
Beverly McClellan, Media Coordinator

Graphic of Star reading a book

With great anticipation Ferguson-Easley students and staff entered the newly redesigned media center for media classes starting October First.   After touring the New Books Promotion Section, the Fiction, Nonfiction, Easy, Reference and Technology Sections, students selected books to read.  They decided to read a minimum of 100 books this school year.  Many of these books will be cataloged as Accelerated Readers.  For short we call these books AR.  We have AR books in hardback, paperback and we also have digital books that are AR too.  Students found their favorites by browsing the media center shelves and/or by browsing our Destiny Catalog at:   At this location the CCS Destiny web site will come up for you to select our school name (Ferguson-Easley) and be welcomed to our school’s catalog.

Any AR books that are digital are called electronic books or EBOOKS.  

Let us be encouraged to read our EBOOKS by going to the FEES Destiny Online Catalog ( and narrowing your search to the material type designated for Electronic Books.
If your EBOOK requires a username and password, use one of the following to gain access.
User Name: fees     Password: 123                        OR                  User Name: fees     Password: fees
Several of our EBOOKS are from the CAPSTONE collection.  For access: From the FEES Destiny Online Catalog first, click on the ebook title, then click on the “Read the Capstone Interactive eBook Now!

Just follow the above directions and read as many electronic books as you can.  Electronic Books (EBOOKS) are the books that inspire our students to connect to information through digital technology. Be a great digital citizen and encourage others to be also.

Let us continue to increase our circulation of FEES electronic books (EBOOKS) from our fantastic digital shelves. 


Another great section of the media center is the Periodical Section.  This is the section that houses magazines and newspapers.  Our local newspaper is The Fayetteville Observer.  Classrooms also get this newspaper delivered to them.  While many like to read this newspaper in hardprint, others prefer to read it online at:  We also have been granted a subscription to The USA Today newspaper.  It is available to the FEES Family at:

User Name:  54577

Password:  usatoday


Research can be amazing while using the database called NCWISEOWL.  This is a state supported online resource for our students to use by going to:  See the media coordinator for the NCWiseOwl password.  You can go to encyclopedias, periodicals and various other reference sources using NCWISEOWL.  This is a reliable and appropriate reference for K-12 students.


Students and staff also appreciated the Halloween Book Collection.  These books generally circulate during the month of October and the first week of November. They are replaced by the Thanksgiving Book Collection that circulates for the rest of November.  Can you guess what special book collection is promoted in December?


ALL-STAR  Collaborations:

  • With the FEES Media Advisory Committee:  Huggins, Gibbs,  Agor, Melvin & R. Washington.  
  • With Rhonda Florence, North Carolina Association of Educators.
  • With Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership and Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr.,  and Dr. Melotta Hill – Cumberland County Schools.
  • With CCS resource personnel for maintenance and technology including Centrea Moore.
  • With Cumberland County Schools central services personnel including Jody Hawley, Laura Walters and Jackie Colvin. 
  • With  Henry, Harris,  Morris, Senegar, Brown-Thompson, Hayslett, B. Davis, Gibbs, Leslie, Tipton, Hayes, McRae, Nunez, Payton, Young, Chapman, Linton, Wood, Patrick, L. Melvin, D. Washington, Huggins, Rivera, Rankin-Brown, Chalmers, Walker, Carless-Black,  Black, Milsap, Hales, and McDowell.
  • With Morris, Black, Brown-Thompson, Rankin-Brown to plan student voting activity.
  • With FEES employees concerning the Fixed Assets and resources needed.
  • With Jim Parker and Jennifer from SEBCO Books in preparation for Collection Development.
  • With Cumberland County Schools media coordinators during professional development led by Sabrina Steigelman.
  • With Laurie Pender & Bobbi-Jo Pova on the FEES Webpage.