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The Constellation February 2019
Published by Beverly McClellan on February 1, 2019

February 2019
Volume 11, Issue 6

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort

 If you entered the media center during February you would have heard jazz music in honor of
Black History Month. The online jazz radio station that we used is located at
Jazz music featuring piano, saxophone, or guitar was shared each school day in the media center as
a celebration of this innovation. You would have also noticed that students were checking out
biographical books located in the 921s. Their goal in February was to read about the lives of
significant blacks and their goal for March is to read about significant females in honor of Women’s
History Month.
Several classes also were invited to view videotapes on American history that highlighted black
historical figures including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as to view videos that highlighted
the artistic contributions of John Steptoe and Leo Dillon. Other videos will be offered for viewing
to classes during March concentrating on the clever and brilliant lives of American women so that
we can join the Women’s History Month national celebration.

Books shown about Martin Luther King, Jr.














A special thanks is given to the Fayetteville Public Works Commission for endowing our school with 2019 conservation calendars. These calendars will help the FEES Family stay connected to conservation all year.


Our principal, Dr. Hales, gave the third through fifth graders a booklet on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  During their media classes these students used the Reference Collection’s dictionaries to search for meanings and pronunciations of words used in these two historical documents.


The media center will host a weekly Bullying and Awareness program for two selected classes, one from third grade and the other from fourth grade.  This five week program will start at 1:15 each Friday and last about thirty to forty minutes for February and end on March 1st.  Deputy Philpot will administer this program which includes various activities and  resources.



The bulletin board on Smart Street this month gives students great recommendations for improving skills in phonics and decoding strategies. “When you come to a word you don’t know- Look carefully at the word; Look for word parts you know and think about the sounds for the letters; Blend the sounds to read the word; Ask yourself: Is it a word I know? Does it make sense in what I am reading?; If not, ask yourself: What else can I try?

The board also has a great list of classroom rules: “Listen carefully; Follow directions; Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working; Respect others; Be kind with your words and actions; Respect school and personal property; and Work and play safely.”

Even  Big Clifford had a few ideas: “Share; Play fair; Have respect; Work together; Be responsible; Be a good friend; Help others; Be truthful; Be kind; and Believe in yourself.”

The Battle of the Books county competition is fastly approaching and the media assistants will represent our school. These students also had a recommendation for the FEES Family–

Be Sure To Put A Great Book In Your Hands.”





  •  With S. Huggins concerning the core math curriculum.
  • With Kevin Coleman, Jody Hawley, McRae, Senegar, D. Washington, Brown-Thompson, D. Black, Morris, & Rankin-Brown concerning Computers on Wheels.
  • With Harris and Carless-Black concerning “Phases of the Earth’s Moon” project.
  • With Senegar, Morris, D. Black concerning Battle of the Books.
  • With Kathleen Henry concerning resources for students in the Academically and Intellectually Gifted program.
  • With Sarah Hennessey concerning resources for students in the Discover program.
  • With Garza, Rivera, Brown-Thompson, Washington, Cox, B. Davis, Melvin, Hayes, Huggins, Senegar, Henry, Carless-Black, Morris, D. Black, Rankin-Brown, Linton, Tipton, Patrick, Nunez,  Wood, Milsap, R. Washington, McRae, McLeod and Doctor Hales.
  • With Agor and Gibbs for the Media Advisory Committee.
  • With R. Washington concerning CCS financial reports.
  • With Author Jill Patrick for the World Read Aloud Day celebration.
  • With Brown-Thompson concerning Scripts National Spelling Bee.
  • With Deputy Philpot  and Doctor Hales concerning the Bullying and Awareness 5 week program.