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The Constellation March 2019
Published by Beverly McClellan on March 1, 2019

March 2019
Volume 11, Issue 7

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort

 Graphic of girl reading book with two other books availableMarch is  Women’s History Month. Students celebrated Women’s History Month by reading biographical books about women.  The celebration was increased by reading books authored by women too.  Some of these titles were fiction while others were nonfiction.  For the third nine weeks students will focus on reading books in the five and nine hundreds of the Dewey organized school media center.  This gives students opportunities to learn about math, science, history and biography. The Women’s History Month celebration continued our celebration of Digital Learning Day (February 28th) by reading electronic books (authored by or about females) and also by reading The Fayetteville Observer newspaper online (articles authored by or about females).   


Graphic of NCWiseOwl is one of North Carolina’s public schools favorite online resources.  One of the places students explore at this site is “EXPLORA”.  Using NCWiseOwl for research places students in a more reliable, safer, environment while online. NCWiseOwl has age-appropriate information and tools that assist students with the research process. If a password is requested for access please see the FEES media coordinator.   The FEES Battle of the Books team members joined the celebration for Digital Learning Day by accessing  website.  They used to learn about various authors on the book list for this school year’s competition.

Students are at computers in the media center accessing the website









One of the joys of the media class is to get the opportunity to learn new words.  Students are in the habit of always having a dictionary at their research tables–just in case they need to quickly look up a word or two.  

Aayden learned many new words while preparing for the Spelling Bee competition.









NCAEThe North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) is a professional association that works to improve working and learning conditions for public schools.  The mission of NCAE is “To be the voice of educators in North Carolina that unites, organizes and empowers members to be advocates for education professionals, public education and children.”

Ms. McClellan, FEES media coordinator, is also an officer for the Student Services Division of NCAE. In the role of vice president she assisted in distributing the North Carolina Educator Satisfaction Survey 2018/19 School Year to both certified and classified employees.  This survey was designed by NCAE to determine what public school employees wanted and needed on specific issues like pay, working conditions, and healthcare.  It was designed for participants to be anonymous if that was their desire. Responses were confidential. The goal of the survey was to provide data that leads to improvement in our public schools.    Data was stored in a password-protected electronic format.  Overall results of the survey will be made public but no personal identifying information will be released.


Students acknowledged that both fiction and nonfiction resources can help them learn about a subject.  The media center provided many books on presidents for our celebration of Presidents’ Day. Many fiction and nonfiction books were also provided for the celebration of Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day too.  Many biographies were researched to help highlight Black History Month and to prepare for the school’s celebration program held on February 28th.  February was a fabulous month to read and learn.

Resources to help celebrate Presidents' Day

Valentine's resources









ALL-STAR  Collaborations:

  • With the FEES Media Advisory Committee:  Gibbs &  Agor.  
  • With Rhonda Florence, North Carolina Association of Educators.
  • With Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership and Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr.,  and Dr. Melotta Hill – Cumberland County Schools.
  • With CCS resource personnel for maintenance and technology including Centrea Moore.
  • With Cumberland County Schools central services personnel including Jody Hawley, Laura Walters and Jackie Colvin. 
  • With  Henry, Harris,  Morris, Senegar, Brown-Thompson, Garza, Hayslett, B. Davis, Gibbs, Leslie, Tipton, Hayes, McRae, Nunez, Payton, Young, Chapman, Linton, Wood, Patrick, L. Melvin, D. Washington, Huggins, Rivera, Rankin-Brown, Chalmers, Walker, Carless-Black,  Black, Milsap, McLeod, Hales, and McDowell.
  • With various members of our staff and visiting staff concerning the article in The Fayetteville Observer on Ruby Bridgers.
  • With Harris and Hennessey about Civic Oration competition.
  • With Hilliard, Agor and Milsap on new students and media.
  • With Morris, Black, Brown-Thompson, Rankin-Brown to plan student voting activity.
  • With FEES employees concerning the Fixed Assets and resources needed.
  • With Cumberland County Schools psychologist, Mary Katherine Canaday.
  • With Fayetteville Oberserver Newspaper representatives and Discount Subscription Services representatives about periodical subscriptions for the media center and classrooms.
  • With Cumberland County Schools media coordinators and others during professional development led by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
  • With Wooten concerning support of  Fayetteville State University students that are aspiring to be teachers and who are volunteering at FEES.
  • With Fayetteville State University professor/author Carol Weatherford and FEES school counselor Hayes for Womens’ History Month literary event for Pink Ladies.
  • With Angel Hoggard, Laurie Pender & Bobbi-Jo Pova on the FEES Webpage.