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The Constellation May 2019
Published by Beverly McClellan on May 1, 2019

May 2019
Volume 11, Issue 9

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort

Reading Event on April 2, 2019

Promoting reading is a main focus of the Ferguson-Easley Elementary Faculty and Staff.  The Effective Instruction Correlate, chaired by Mrs. Cox, organized a reading event that provided students and family members with strategies for increasing reading skills.  Miss E. E. Smith High School was an invited guest to read the book, A Bad Case of Stripes written by David Shannon.

The Instructional Coach, Mrs. Huggins, the media coordinator, Ms. McClellan, along with other teachers, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Carless-Black, Ms. Morris, Mrs. Cox, took leading roles in sharing strategies for improving reading comprehension.  Hundreds participated and they also received information about how to be effective test takers on both the mathematics and reading End-Of -Grade tests.  Each student received free books to add to their own personal home libraries.  Many other faculty members joined the Effective Instruction Correlate to help with making the reading event a success.

Mrs. Huggins and Mrs. Carless-Black share strategies.Miss E. E. Smith reads a story during the April 2, 2019 reading event.


Book Fair

Students brought their savings to the Book Fair in April.  This was perfect because April was also Financial Literacy Month and also School Library Month. The Book Fair helps the media coordinator to promote reading as well as to raise funds to purchase new books.  Purchasing new books helps to build the media center’s collection of fiction and nonfiction resources.  The media coordinator included providing information about the North Carolina state tax when selling items from the Book Fair and this helped students to become more financially literate as well as feeling great about being citizens.



Poetry Month

Many students celebrated April by reading and writing poetry.  The 811s in our collection were used extensively.  One particular book was read during media classes, Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton by  Don Tate.  Significant poets from our student body were Precious, Uriah, Jazmine, and Nyla.


ALL-STAR  Collaborations:

  • With the FEES Media Advisory Committee:  Gibbs &  Agor.  
  • With Rhonda Florence and Michelle Burton, North Carolina Association of Educators-Student Services Division.
  • With Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership about ALL OUT FOR MAY 1 and other business.
  • With CCS resource personnel for maintenance including David Starling and technology including Centrea Moore.
  • With Cumberland County Schools central services personnel including Jody Hawley, Laura Walters, Pamela Phelps, and Jackie Colvin. 
  • With  Henry, Harris,  Morris, Senegar, Brown-Thompson, Garza, Hayslett, B. Davis, Gibbs, Leslie, Tipton, Hayes, McRae, Nunez, Payton, Young, Chapman, Linton, Wood, Patrick, L. Melvin, D. Washington, Huggins, Rivera, Rankin-Brown, Chalmers, Walker, Carless-Black,  Black, Milsap, Murphy, Hales, and McDowell.
  • With Charity Bobo-Barber, FEES PTO president.
  • With Nancy Paul and Nancy Carpenter for CCS Fixed Assets .
  • With Hilliard, and Agor on new students and media.
  • With Hayes and Milsap about Career Fair.
  • With FEES employees concerning the Fixed Assets and resources needed and with Fayetteville State University volunteer, Avery Johnson, for the inventory.
  • With Cumberland County Schools psychologist, Mary Katherine Canaday.
  • With Fayetteville Observer Newspaper representatives and Discount Subscription Services representatives about periodical subscriptions for the media center and classrooms.
  • With Huggins to plan for the reading event.
  • With North Carolina Association of Educators-Cumberland County Association of Educators planning for the national convention.
  • With Angel Hoggard, Laurie Pender & Bobbi-Jo Pova on the FEES Webpage.