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The Constellation June 2019
Published by Beverly McClellan on June 1, 2019

June 2019
Volume 11, Issue 10

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort

Day of Action –  May 1, 2019

NCAE symbol



Very similar to last year, many Ferguson-Easley Elementary personnel participated in the Day of Action.  Included in that number was Ms. McClellan, the school’s media coordinator and the state’s Student Services Division vice president for the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).

Along with thousands of others she put on her red and proudly rallied to the members of the North Carolina General Assembly and Legislature for five main points :

Provide enough school librarians, social workers, counselors, nurses and other health workers to meet national standards;
Provide $15.00 minimum wage for all school personnel, 5% raise for all ESPs, teachers, admin., and a 5% cost of living adjustment for retirees;
Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families;
Reinstate state retiree health benefits eliminated by the General Assembly in 2017; and
Restore advanced degree compensation stripped by the General Assembly in 2013.
During the rally The Fayetteville Observer interviewed Ms. McClellan and posted the interview on their Twitter account at:

CCAE Officers at Rally in Raleigh on May 1, 2019









Three FEES Library Media Assistants for 2018-2019 school year.

Student Leaders

Three fourth graders, Xavier, Jazmine, and Sa’Riya, were recommended as library media assistants for this school year.  The media coordinator invited them to work with her daily to manage the media center. These students also represented the school as members of the Battle of the Books Team.  We salute their dedication to the library media center and Ferguson-Easley Elementary School and honored them at the final Success Day awards program.




Summer Reading

Graphic of Book It Logo

We believe students who continue reading during the summer will probably do well in the fall when returning back to school.  Summer reading impacts a student’s continuous success in learning.  Summer reading is a significant component for the overall reading program.  The media coordinated recycled magazines and discarded books to any student who wanted them for at home 2019 summer reading.  The bottom line was they only had to have a way to carry them home.   They had to be committed to continuing to read while on summer break.  Students could choose as many as they wanted to read. Another idea that the media coordinator promoted was for students to participate in the Cumberland County Public Library’s free summer reading program called, “A Universe of Stories.”  A brochure for this children’s summer reading program was distributed to students with their report cards.





Read to Ride Program

The Cumberland Lodge #5 Knights of Pythias once again sponsored the Read to Ride Program. Two bicycles with helmets were donated to Ferguson-Easley’s media center to be given away to one girl and one boy in the K-2 classes.  The bikes were used as a reading incentive.  The two winners were from the second grade, one from Ms. Washington’s class and one from Mrs. Cox’s class.  These students were honored during the school’s final Success Day awards program.

Two bicycles from the Read to Ride Program.









 FEES Media Coordinator Judges World of 7 Billion Contest

Graphic of boy with US flag





The World of 7 Billion video contest is a project of the Population Education program, provider of k-12 classroom resources and professional development opportunities. Student filmmakers created 2,726 inspiring videos on: Preserving Biodiversity; Sustainable Resource Use; and Protecting Human Rights.  FEES media coordinator, Ms McClellan, was one of the 47 contest judges.  Students from forty-three countries submitted videos.  Forty-seven American states participated.  Now in its 8th year, the 2018-2019 World of 7 Billion contest winning videos can be seen at:


ALL-STAR  Collaborations:

  • With the FEES Media Advisory Committee:  Gibbs &  Agor.  
  • With Rhonda Florence and Michelle Burton, North Carolina Association of Educators-Student Services Division.
  • With Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership about ALL OUT FOR MAY 1 and other business.
  • With Sanuel Hilliard for the Read to Ride Program.
  • With Newspaper in Education representative from The Fayetteville Observer newspaper, J. Person.
  • With North Carolina Library Association’s event organizer, Jeffrey Hamilton and  David Lee King, Digital Services  Director-Topeka Public Library. 
  • With Follett Destiny Support, Rick Payetta.
  • With CCS resource personnel for maintenance including David Starling and technology including Centrea Moore.
  • With Cumberland County Schools central services personnel including Jody Hawley, Laura Walters, Pamela Phelps, and Jackie Colvin. 
  • With  Henry, Harris,  Morris, Senegar, Brown-Thompson, Garza, Hayslett, B. Davis, Gibbs, Leslie, Tipton, Hayes, McRae, Nunez, Payton, Young, Chapman, Linton, Wood, Patrick, L. Melvin, D. Washington, Huggins, Rivera, Rankin-Brown, Chalmers, Walker, Carless-Black, Black, C. Brown, Milsap, Murphy, Hales, McDowell, and D. Murphey.
  • With Charity Bobo-Barber, FEES PTO president.
  • With Nancy Paul and Nancy Carpenter for CCS Fixed Assets.
  • With FEES employees concerning the Fixed Assets.
  • With Julia Burns and Kathleen Henry.
  • With Fayetteville Observer Newspaper representatives for Rally in Raleigh interview.
  • With Lorenzo Pedro (Legislative Assistant for Senator Kirk DeViere) to create an information document for participants from Cumberland County.
  • With North Carolina Association of Educators-Cumberland County Association of Educators planning for the national convention.
  • With Angel Hoggard, Laurie Pender & Bobbi-Jo Pova on the FEES Webpage.