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The Constellation
Published by Beverly McClellan on October 1, 2019

The Constellation Newsletter


October 2019
Volume 12, Issue 2

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort


Ferguson-Easley Elementary School Media Center Information
Beverly McClellan, Media Coordinator

In this time of technology, our students want to hold their books in their hands AND they also like to hold their keyboard, mouse, and IPAD in their hands too. 

NCWiseOwl has been providing online resources for our students for decades.  The databases that NCWiseOwl provides are  reliable and appropriate for use in K-12 schools.  For instructional use, this online subscription resource provides access to encyclopedias, articles from thousands of periodicals, and various other reference sources.  Be sure to visit:  See the media coordinator for the NCWiseOwl password.Graphic of NCWiseOwl
Another resource for our students are called Electronic Books (EBOOKS).  These are the books that inspire our students to connect to information through digital technology.
Let us encourage our students to read our EBOOKS by going to the FEES Destiny Online Catalog ( and narrowing your search to the material type designated for Electronic Books.
If your EBOOK requires a username and password, use one of the following to gain access.
User Name: fees     Password: 123
User Name: fees     Password: fees
Several of our EBOOKS are from the CAPSTONE collection.  For access: From the FEES Destiny Online Catalog first, click on the ebook title, then click on the “Read the Capstone Interactive eBook Now!”

Just follow the above directions and read as many electronic books as you can.  Be a great digital citizen and encourage others to be also.



Donors Choose Organization Grants FEES Media Center 

Media Coordinator, Ms. McClellan, submitted the “TIMES FOR KIDS” grant and thankfully was awarded by the Donors Choose Organization.  

CoverReading nonfiction/informational text is a necessary skill.  Reading about real current events, things that are seen in the news, things that are focusing on the world around us is what students are interested in reading yet many students are intimidated with this type of  text.  With TIME FOR KIDS magazines, students will find the text less threatening because it is shorter than a full book, has plenty of graphics, and great photos too. Reading this magazine will inspire students to read even more.

The Donors Choose Organization recently acknowledged that Ms. McClellan, the media coordinator for Ferguson-Easley Elementary School (FEES),  submitted a TIMES FOR KIDS project that has been fully funded.  Consequently, many students will get the opportunity to read this magazine and learn about current events and increase their confidence in reading nonfiction/informational texts.




Reading funny stories and books can help our students to feel good about living and can our students to learn. Providing lessons that promote a happier outlook on life can be both funny and respectful. FEES, “A FIVE STAR SCHOOL WHERE EXCELLENCE IS THE STANDARD” uses the research study by Stanford University and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital that found that giggling can actually help students. Joke telling is one comedy technique that can be used to benefit learning.  A study at  Parents Magazine reported that slip ups made by students can be changed to a positive situation with just a little activity. For example, if a kid knocks over a beverage, the adult might say, “The table was thirsty!” This is a positive reaction to a negative situation.
Exaggeration is a comedy technique for joke telling. Telling jokes and reading funny books can help our students to learn and feel better about life.  

Beverly McClellan, media coordinator



ALL-STAR Collaborations:

  • With Committed Community Correlate members
  • With FEES Media Advisory Committee and Mrs. Huggins and Mr. Chapman
  • With the Cumberland County Association of Educators leadership
  • With CCS personnel  for maintenance, technology, furniture, and Ms. M. Boyd
  • With members of the FEES faculty and staff
  • With Perma-Bound representative