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The Constellation December 2019
Published by Beverly McClellan on December 2, 2019

December 2019

The Constellation Newsletter

Volume 12, Issue 4                            

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort


Cumberland County Schools has authorized media programs to organize fundraisers to assist with building school budgets to purchase resources for media centers.  At Ferguson-Easley Elementary School we have organized school fundraising events and we have encouraged parents, guardians and other community members to support these events.

Our Thanksgiving was improved when you, as a member of the FEES Family, supported the book fair.  Like many things book prices continue to increase.  As a result of the FEES Book Fair we were able to add thirty-nine hard-back books to our media collection.

Photo of new books from the book fair fundraising efforts

One note to remember is that it is not too late to donate to our READING ROCKS fundraising campaign.  Students know that “reading sure ’nuff rocks” and they read and actively try to comprehend and remember information.


Having a diverse collection of resources in the media center is a more effective way of getting students to learn. Having adequate resources, fiction and nonfiction books on a wide range of reading levels, and books on a variety of subjects are strategies to encourage students to build long-term knowledge.

Please support the READING ROCKS campaign!  Make your donations and we thank you for your donations.



What kind of music did you hear if you visited the media center in November?  You heard classical instrumental music. One of the strategies that the media coordinator uses to make students feel good about coming to the media center is to incorporate the arts into education.  We play music.


The media coordinator, Ms. McClellan, collaborated with each faculty member on plans for incorporating media resources in lessons.

All students were able to select resources to use on the subjects of Thanksgiving and Native Americans.  Displays promoted the various books that we have on these subjects.  In addition, students continued studying about the season of Autumn.

There were opportunities for students to read both fiction and nonfiction books about Thanksgiving and Native Americans.  When a class read a title together they could help each other out with comprehension.  They could also compare books in a series that were written by the same author.  This made reading more fun. Students will read about the traditions, cultures, and diversity of the celebration of Christmas during December and they will continue learning about Winter.

The Donors Choose grant for Kindergarten through Second graders for media made it possible for us to get the opportunity to read the periodical, Times for Kids

A retired Cumberland County Schools horticulturalist, Mr. Vines, worked with several classes with his donations of plants and supplies.  The plants continue to grow and make the media center look vibrant. Student in the first and second grades planted and protected their own with pride.Gardening project

 The media coordinator collaborated with people from the: Cumberland County Association of Educators; North Carolina Association of Educators; and the National Education Association.  Resources from these advocates were shared with the FEES faculty and staff with displays of information in the Professional Room in the media center.

The media coordinator collaborated with the Media Advisory Committee (MAC),  Mr. Agor, Ms. Gibbs, Mrs. Huggins, Ms. Jones, Mr. Chapman along with Ms. Snells (from PTO) to continue building and coordinating a strong media program.  The MAC also continued to discuss efforts to inspire and advise the FEES Family by using The Constellation, a newsletter, and the FEES website (  Members also worked with the FEES Committed Community Correlate to organize the Winter Festival programs which are scheduled for December 17th one for students during the school day and the other program in the evening.