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The Constellation January 2020
Published by Beverly McClellan on January 1, 2020

January 2020


The Constellation Newsletter

Volume 12, Issue 5                            

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort



The word resolution can be defined as an attempt to not waste any time doing something that will not positively affect your life or the lives of others.  It is to analyze, more than that it is to be determined to solve.  It is to come up with a solution.  Often people will even take the time to write a formal statement expressing that solution.

Edmentum cartoon image of open book with various reading genresLet each one of us resolve to have a HAPPY NEW READING YEAR.  Let us read as much as we can on purpose.  It is Twenty-Twenty and in the FEES Media Center brand new books we have plenty.






Having a diverse collection of resources in the media center is a more effective way of getting students to learn. Having adequate resources, fiction and nonfiction books on a wide range of reading levels, and books on a variety of subjects are strategies to encourage students to build long-term knowledge. Pages of a book

Please support the unending campaign to raise funds to purchase books.  Make your donations to FEES Media Center and we thank you for your donations.



The media coordinator, Ms. McClellan, collaborated with each faculty member on plans for incorporating media resources in lessons.

All students were able to select resources to use on the subjects of Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah/Chanukah.  Displays promoted the various books that we have on these subjects.  Students read about the traditions, cultures, and diversity of the celebration around the world for  Christmas during media classes. They continued learning about the Winter season too.  There were opportunities for students to read both fiction and nonfiction books about these subjects. When a class read a title together they could help each other out with comprehension.  They could also compare books in a series that were written by the same author.  This made reading more vibrant.

The Donors Choose grant for Kindergarten through Second graders for media made it possible for us to get the opportunity to read the periodical, Times for Kids.  

 The gardening project is still alive and well and in December we added a few holiday ornaments to the plants. Some students opted to take their plants home to use as gifts.

In addition, students continued reading The Fayetteville Observer newspaper and getting their own copy from time to time as a result of a grant from The Fayetteville Observer to our media center.

 The media coordinator collaborated with people from the: Cumberland County Association of Educators; North Carolina Association of Educators; and the National Education Association.  Resources from these advocates were shared with the FEES faculty and staff with displays of information in the Professional Room in the media center.  The vendor called Teacher Created Materials donated three ebooks to the FEES Media Center.  The titles for these ebooks are: Quick Science Lab: Is It Magnetic? – K-2; Writing Expository Texts: Academic Vocabulary Level 1; and Great Seal of the United States: Academic Vocabulary Level 5.

The media coordinator collaborated with the Media Advisory Committee (MAC), Mr. Agor, Ms. Gibbs, Mrs. Huggins, Ms. Jones, Mr. Chapman along with Ms. Snells (from PTO) to continue building and coordinating a strong media program.  The MAC also continued to discuss efforts to inspire and advise the FEES Family by using The Constellation, a newsletter, and the FEES website (  In fact, the FEES website was once again declared Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

Members also worked with the FEES Committed Community Correlate to organize the Winter Festival programs which were scheduled for December 17th one for students during the school day and the other program in the evening.

Work was completed with Scholastic Book Fairs to schedule the event for March.



Girl playing violin

What kind of music did you hear if you visited the media center in December?  You heard jazz instrumental music. One of the strategies that the media coordinator uses to make students feel good about coming to the media center is to incorporate the arts into education.  We play music.  In November we focused on classical music.

In December we focused our attention on listening to saxophones, trumpets, pianos, organs, and guitars.  Instrumental music is music without vocals.  The smooth jazz instrumentals that we played during December were conducive to learning. We even played Christmas jazz music during the week just before our Winter break.  Since we used the Spanish-English dictionary to look up the phrase “Feliz Navidad” (Merry Christmas) we also played  Spanish Christmas music too. Guess what kind of music we will play to open up 2020.




Graphic of spelling beeEach year Cumberland County Schools hosts a spelling bee.  To participate a school has to decide on who will represent the school in the competition.  Mrs. Cauthen, chairman of the FEES Spelling Bee, held a competition in the media center on December 5th with fourth and fifth graders.  Two community members served as judges (Mrs. Margaret Covington & Ms. Snells, PTO president) along with CCS AIG teacher, Mrs. K. Henry.  Mr. Agor served as dictionary agent and Mrs. Cauthen called out the words to the students competing.  During the time of the Spelling Bee Ms. Jones assisted with students not participating.  Ms. McClellan set the media center up to look similar to what the setting will be like later during the final county competition.  Congratulations to: Nataya  Brown, first place;  Tafaro Pryce, second place; and Jeffery Yarboro, third place for winning our school’s Scripps National Spelling Bee.