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The Constellation for February 2020
Published by Beverly McClellan on February 1, 2020

February 2020


The Constellation Newsletter

Volume 12, Issue 6                            

The Constellation:

An Assemblage, Collection or Gathering of a Splendid, Radiant or Excellent Sort


“Character, Leadership, Citizenship, Wellness and Scholarship”

Ferguson-Easley Elementary School Media Center

Beverly McClellan, Media Coordinator

Many of the books in our media center have been shifted to new shelves for the new year. For the third nine weeks many students will focus on checking out books in the five and nine hundreds of our Dewey organized media center.  This gives them chances to learn about math, science, history and biography. We are also reading electronic books in the 500s.

Students also continued to receive The Fayetteville Observer newspaper as a result of that newspaper’s donation to our media center.

Let each one of us resolve to have an exciting Black History Month.  Let us read as much as we can during February to successfully reach our goal and to learn something new about African-American History and/or Black HistoryIt is Twenty-Twenty and in the FEES Media Center books we have plenty.



All students were able to select resources to use to learn about Black History.  Displays promoted the various books that we have on this subject.  Students read about the traditions, cultures, and diversity of this celebration during media classes.

They continued learning about the Winter season too.  There were opportunities for students to read both fiction and nonfiction books, to read books from the general collection and the supplementary collection too. When a class read a title together they could help each other out with comprehension.  They could also compare books in a series that were written by the same author.  This made reading more vibrant.

The Donors Choose grant for Kindergarten through Second graders for media made it possible for us to get the opportunity to read the periodical, Times for Kids


ALL-STAR Collaborations

* With Janet Person, Newspapers In Education representative.

* With all ALL-STAR Teams.

* With representatives from SEBCO, Scholastic Book Fairs, Perma-Bound, and Fayetteville Public Works Commission (new energy savings tips on calendars as gifts).

* With NCAE/CCAE for educational event planning.

*With a representative from Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center.

*The media coordinator collaborated with the Media Advisory Committee (MAC), Mr. Agor, Ms. Gibbs, Mrs. Huggins, Ms. Jones, Mr. Chapman along with Ms. Snells (from PTO) to continue building and coordinating a strong media program.  The MAC also continued to discuss efforts to inspire and advise the FEES Family by using The Constellation, a newsletter, and the FEES website (  In fact, the FEES website was once again declared Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

*With Ms. Hoggard for the FEES website.

*The media coordinator collaborated with people from the: Cumberland County Association of Educators; North Carolina Association of Educators; and the National Education Association.  Resources from these advocates were shared with the FEES faculty and staff with displays of information in the Professional Room in the media center. The media coordinator also collaborated with others to prepare for the moving of the Professional Room to the Supplementary Room.

*With representatives from The Scholastic Book Fair for planning the upcoming book fair in March.

 * With Ms. Jody Hawley and Ms. Jackie Colvin from CCS Media Services; Mrs. Renarta Clanton Moyd, CCS Communications; Mr. A. Whitaker, CCS Technology & Mr. Kevin Coleman.


NCWISEOWL is one of our favorite online resources and we continue to explore EXPLORA at this site.  Edmentum cartoon image of open book with various reading genres

We have three POWER words to help us with our research.

They are:  PLAN, DO, & REVIEW.






What kind of music did you hear if you visited the media center in February?  You heard jazz instrumental music, blues, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues, and Soul without the vocals.

Image of female student playing the violin with caption of Practice Makes Perfect Every Minute Counts... class time matter and a two tone blue swoosh in the bottom corner

One of the strategies that the media coordinator uses to make students feel good about coming to the media center is to incorporate the arts into education.  We play music.  In November we focused on classical music and in December we focused on holiday music. We even played Christmas jazz music during the week just before our Winter break.  Since we used the Spanish-English dictionary to look up the phrase “Feliz Navidad” (Merry Christmas) we also played  Spanish Christmas music too.  In January we focused on reggae.

In February we focused our attention on listening to saxophones, trumpets, pianos, organs, and guitars.  Instrumental music is music without vocals.  The smooth jazz instrumentals and other music that we played during February were conducive to learning. 



Having a diverse collection of resources in the media center is a more effective way of getting students to learn. Having adequate resources, fiction and nonfiction books on a wide range of reading levels, and books on a variety of subjects are strategies to encourage students to build long-term knowledge. Pages of a book

Please support the unending campaign to raise funds to purchase books.  Make your donations to FEES Media Center and we thank you for your donations.